Puppy socialization is probably the single most important thing you can do for your new puppy and we look forward to welcoming you and your new family member to our puppy group.

We offer basic socialization for puppies aged 8 to 18 weeks (P1) as well as groups for adolescent puppies aged 4 to 8 months (P2)

Pre-Booking Essential

Edenvale Bowling Club, 167, 6th Avenue, Edenvale (see map below)

P1: PUPPY SOCIALIZATION for puppies aged 8 to 18 weeks: SATURDAY 08H30 TO 09H30
P2: ADOLESCENT PUPPY GROUP for puppies aged 4 to 8 months: SATURDAY 09H30 TO 10H30

P1: 6 WEEKS 

P1 & P2: Kindly phone Lotte: 084 701 1656 or Peter: 076 183 6150 for up-to-date cost 
Fees are payable on day of or prior to first session - Cash or EFT

REFUNDS: No refunds allowed - If for any reason you have to miss a session you can make the session up at the end of the course - restricted to a maximum of 3 sessions after which any other missed sessions will become forfiet 

TO ENROLL: Please contact Lotte on for booking form to be completed and returned no later than 24 hours prior to starting class

VACCINATIONS: Your puppy must have had at least one vaccination 10 days prior to attending puppy classes.
PLEASE BRING YOUR CERTIFICATE TO YOUR FIRST SESSION: For the safety of the your own as well as the other puppies, no puppy will be allowed on the field without us first checking your puppy’s inoculation certificate

TRAINING METHODS: Force-free, positive reinforcement methods.

Lotte: Accredited and registered Animal Behaviour Consultant. Veterinary nutrition adviser and Professional Dog Training Instructor - See "About Us" for list of qualifications.

: Professional Dog Training Instructor

  • Your Puppy on a flat collar (or harness) and leash.
  • Note: no choke chains allowed!
  • Vaccination Certificate.
  • Your training fee
  • Soft, yummy training treats - e.g. Vienna, liver bread, Wors, etc. – it must be something your dog enjoys.
  • Note: It is also a good idea to make sure your puppy is hungry by only feeding a small breakfast before class.
  • Your puppy’s favourite toy.
  • Plastic Bags (for doggy mess)
  • Water Bowl and water
  • Mat approx. 60 x 80cm
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes - expect to get dirty :-)

Anthon,_Yetti_S3Dale Anton, Ivan Fisher and Yetti:
Lotte I cannot thank you enough, and Lou, you are doing a tremendous job. This is the third puppy school I have attended and proud to say when I get my next puppy I will see you again. Your booklet, your face book page and your shear love for what you do shines though. Yetti,Ivan and I will miss coming to school on Saturdays. All I can say with an open heart is Thank You Thank You and Thank You. For the people who have never experienced other puppy schools know you are blessed. A Big thank you to Lotte and Lou, much appreciated.

201202_Webster_Ruby_Patti_SmallPatti Webster & Ruby (Min. Dachshund) – Lombardy East:

Ruby, my miniature dachshund has benefited tremendously from Puppy Training.  She was very little and quite intimidated when she first started her lessons but has learnt that she does not have to fear big puppies any longer and also benefited from the training, i.e. sit, watch, etc.   She especially enjoyed the tunnel and was so confident running through it and seeing me on the other side.   She also learnt that she could not be picked up all the time and by end of the session was quite happy to stay on the ground and face up to the big puppies. Regards Patti

RaeJacqui Rae & Avi (Staffie)

I did not do puppy classes with my previous dog and paid the price for many years! This course met and exceeded our expectations and gave us many tips on how to have a well behaved and happy puppy (and humans). The socialization aspects alone were well worth it and the understanding of the basic commands and the need for daily walks have made quite a difference. I can strongly recommend it …

201202_Smith_Max_SmallLee-Anne Smith & Max (Staffie)  Modderfontein:

I attended puppy school with my Staffie puppy, Max in February 2011.  I can completely recommend Lotte and her training methods.  She provides a safe and friendly environment for the puppies to learn and interact with others.  Thank you Lotte, Max and I really enjoyed our puppy class. Lee-Anne & Max.

2012_06_Hart_Cara_cert_SmallLorna & Cara Hart (Rough Collie)

Your puppy school was a wonderful experience for both Cara, my collie puppy, and me. As well as teaching us both the basics of dog training, you’ve provided me with a wealth of new information. I’ve been a dog owner for many years, but still found your sessions informative and fun.

I would gladly recommend your classes to anybody with a new puppy, even those that have been to other schools before. Your (and Lou’s) friendliness, enthusiasm, patience and obvious love for dogs provides a perfect environment for learning, both for humans and puppies. With fond regards

SauermanMiempie & Rogza Sauermann (GSD)

I would like to take the opportunity in thanking both yourself and Lou for the most enjoyable training sessions!  I can assure you that both Rogzi and myself enjoyed the classes a lot.  It is rather sad to think that the classes have come to an end with the two of you, but please be assured that we  (Rogzi and I) will surely miss you but we will keep in touch!!  I will definitely recommend The Puppy School as a must to anybody wanting to train their puppies - and by the way, the "liver bread" is a winner J !!  All the very best to yourselves. Regards, Rogzi & Miempie Sauermann

MartinsAlda Martins & Cosmo (Amstaff)

Just a few words to say Thank you! Cosmo and I had a wonderful time at puppy training. It was a great bonding experience with my puppy, and it was wonderful to see him interacting with other puppies and other people. Your patience and wiliness to answer my “silly” questions, and your advice has been much appreciated! Take care and I will update you on Cosmo progress! Best regards Alda Martins 

2012_07_Schutte_Cooper_SmallJessica & Cooper Schutte (Italian Greyhound)
We had a great time at the puppy school with our dog Cooper. He loved interacting with all the other puppies and learnt some valueable basic instructions as well as socializing skills. The instructors take personal interest in the well-being of your dog. They provide helpful and useful tips and tricks that help you handle different situations. We will definitely take our next puppy there.




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